The Technical Congress is chartered with building the IJRU rule set and competition structure for the 2020 IJRU Championships and beyond. The Technical Congress builds on the earlier work of the IJRU Strategy Group which outlined underlying principles and elements of a winning routine. The Strategy Group also created the IJRU Stakeholder Survey which the Technical Congress is using in their process. The Technical Congress is supported by two groups, The strategy group and the Board of Directors of IJRU.

It is with great pleasure to introduce the IJRU Technical Congress and supporting groups. The members of the Technical Congress were selected and approved by the IJRU working group, the FISAC-IRSF Board of Directors and the WJRF Board of Directors. The goal of the selection was to combine a passion for the future of the sport with an understanding of the best practices of the sport in the major organizations that exist today. The goal is to create a competition structure and rule set with a united vision of the future of the sport, while retaining the best of the past as much as possible.

Current Members

  Andrej Kyselica  USA

Andrej Kyselica

  Carly Simpson  Canada

Carly Simpson

  Elves Tembe  Mozambique

Elves Tembe

  Jun Haratake  Japan

Jun Haratake

  Liv Murmark  Sweden

Liv Murmark

  Luke Boon  Australia

Luke Boon

  Mia Mønster  Denmark

Mia Mønster

  Monica Foster  USA

Monica Foster

  Sadatoshi Watanabe  Japan

Sadatoshi Watanabe

  Sebastian Deeg  Germany

Sebastian Deeg

  Svante Bengtson  Sweden

Svante Bengtson

  Taryn Hodgson  Australia

Taryn Hodgson

  Zhang Yan  China

Zhang Yan